januari 21, 2007

That was quite a bizarre experience this auction yesterday night. To gather money for the battle against cancer, many items of all kinds of backgrounds were sold by auction. For astonishing prices (a soccer ball signed by Johan Cruyff and ‘touched’ by queen Beatrix’s hands for more than € 1500,-; shirts of well known cyclists for € 1000,- or more and Erik Dekker’s (who the f…is he?)bicycle on which he rode his last race on Curaçao for ca. €16.500,-)local ‘nouveau riche’, ‘self-made’ (white and semi-black) ‘sucsexful Antillean’ and ‘afro-makamba’ businessman showed their muscles and bought their little moment in the spotlight and receiving applause. My work(see picture of it at the 19th. of January) went for ca.€ 3500,-, which is far below market price in
Europe. Bad for regular business, lucky for the buyer and especially bad for the organization of this event ‘Ride and Swim for the Roses”. Anyway, it’s ok, this is Curaçao and the coin roles differently over here! Different and peculiar is the reception/ perception of arts in any case here. We have a long road to go. However I am hopeful, because we are with a few professional artists and historians who fight for the real arts and a proper position in (this) society and have an enterprising mentality as well!!
Look at our foundation sites: www.institutobuenabista.com and www.arteswa.com

“24 Ours knows Ours” “no title”, pecil on paper, A4, 2007Since I have started this ‘Blog’ thing, I am asking myself: What is the purpose, does it make sense and who is waiting for ‘bla bla’ from me? Is it vain and pretentious asking for this attention?! So far no serious  problem I think. It is like a sort of public diary. And as I am a visual artist, wanting to communicate in a large scale, I see the medium as a practical tool to do so. To express and show what I am doing and present older stuff from before as well. The ‘Badeblog’ will function as a website as well.For example herewith a picture of my latest sculpture in public space. It is actually rather private, because the person who has given me the assignment is the owner of the land, Marcello Zaccagnini. He is a wine farmer from Abruzzo (
Italy) and a enthusiastic art collector (
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is the specific grape of this area of Italy and a pulcino is the bird I like. Especially the idea that a bird has wings in stead of arms and hands and when they walk, it is as if they are walking with their hands behind their back. In stead of a streetwatch, this is a landwatcher!
“Montepulcino d’Abruzzo”, 2006, polyurethanes, ca. 8×3.5×4 metres

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  1. Jefta Bade Says:

    Well there you go! New media, just as you said it. Well these things are hot, that’s a fact. Even I will start a webblog in a few months. Right here, from the B-Base location in Delft.
    (of course)

    Check you later

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