januari 23, 2007

Thank you for the encouraging reactions so far. It is still a bit odd to share all this with …the net. Somebody was talking about “a great way to get under the skin of the artist” and “a great way to GIVE”. That seems to be true. However, all this ‘exhibitionism’ should not lead to ‘staring at the navel’ or getting bogged down to artificial talk and pseudo sophisticated or pseudo funny ‘columnistic’ style. (We’ve got enough of that!) Probably, some people would justlike to see and read either more of that. However, I see this medium more or less as a website, and will try to use it as extra value with respect to my process.

Enough of this waffle, let’s see some more work!


“Josef”, 2006, diverse materials, ca. 400×250x200cm

The installation “Jozef”, which I had made for the exhibition ‘Bling Bling’ for the Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch in 2006. On the front of the surfboard, there is a real sculpture of Josef (out of an east-European church and sold in rich western trendy shops where spoilt housewives can buy their home and garden decorations and some artists take the benefit out of it as well!). I bought Maria as well and she is permanently incorporated in one of the permanent sculptures for the city of Vlissingen (see picture). This group of 6 sculptures I finished last year. I will show more of them later and the specific process leading to the result as well…  

detail “Big Mama”, 2006, city of Vlissingen, The Netherlands, polyester

 More of “Badende beelden” Vlissingen at: www.kunstenpubliekeruimte.nl

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