www.institutobuenabista.com, Curaçao Center for Contemporary Art (part 1)

januari 24, 2007

Today, it was my colleague Tirzo Martha who was teaching at our I.B.B. He has started the new year with a course of new media. The pupils have to make a small film/video-piece. They have drawn storyboards and today there was the moment of the first exploration of the camera. Amazing to see how these kids shoot their first images. Clumsy, pure and without any ‘Arty’ pretension. It even reminded me of a lot of  accepted video art in the mainstream circuit, which has been taken seriously (often too easy in my opinion). The thought came up that a particular result, which means it looks like contemporary art, quite easily has been achieved. Especially, when one projects such a clumsy (mostly formal exercise) on a big screen, it is pretty impressive. Moving images have their obvious power followed by attention. These Curaçao kids do not really have  materials for comparison or impressive art shows to look at, which are often very influencing and being copied….We will fight to keep them fresh and sincere without staying naïf, but developing formally the medium, like they develop drawing, sculpting, etc……Writing this I am again realizing that it is not easy to understand this particular situation on Curaçao, when you are not aware of  the context. On the one hand there is a fantastic sort of pureness, not spoilt by a decadent industrial art system which prescribes …… On the other hand, it is sad that we are not able over here just to step into an art museum to catch a view of real heavy stuff, and smell the paint of a real video piece…….. 

However we are working very hard for  more quality. One of our pupils, Kendrick Boelijn (24 years old) went with Tirzo Martha to Miami very recently. Tirzo participated in a special show; “Caribbean Crosscurrents”, at Art Miami (US). Kendrick assisted Tirzo, experiencing for the first time this kind of  mainstream context. We (the team of I.B.B.) contributed  personally to his ticket, to support his process. Back at the I.B.B. evaluating his trip and being interviewed by the other pupils, he told enthusiastically: “I saw a real painting of Frida Kahlo!!” with a grin from ear to ear. A few weeks before we had seen the movie “Frida” at the institute. The best thing he said he saw in Miami were some Bruce Nauman video’s…. Luigino drawing (courtesy I.B.B.)

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  1. harvey Says:

    hey david it’s better now , keep going your doing a great job ,and you can do better for this web like put more pictures ,but is going ok and one more comment, you need to put this website in evrything you do like in the arteswa logo ,in the works you do , even on streets,mostly evrything so more people can know about it, great web!

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