Fuik-ArteSwa-Villa Zebra

januari 26, 2007


Fuik and ‘le petit prince’ This morning,
Tirzo Martha and I, we went for the third time to the primary school ‘Kollegio Monsigneur Henriquez’ in Fuik. Fuik is an area east on the island, also called Bandabao. We are striking to goals at one time with this series of workshops we are giving.

  1. I was asked by the museum ‘Villa Zebra’ (www.villazebra.nl) in
    Rotterdam to participate in a project ‘De Kleine Prins’. A project referring to the well known book ‘Le Petit Prince’ of the French writer and philosopher Antoine Saint Exupéry. Because I am mostly based on Curaçao at the moment I am not able to follow their proposed process of 7 artists visiting a primary school in
    Rotterdam and collaborate with these kids. I suggested to start a similar process over here. Joyfully the organization of ‘Villa Zebra’ acknowledged the extra dimension in cooperating with the school here in Fuik. The idea is that the professional artists get inspired by the ideas of the youngsters with regard to their opinions towards the idea of an adult. So every participating artist is dealing with a stereotype adult figure like the father, the postman, grandfather or mother, and an idol figure, etc. I choose the role of the mother, which is an universal one, but interesting to see how specific that one is here on Curaçao.
    After a brainstorm Tirzo and I, we let them work with cardboard, asked them to create something 3-dimensional, which I can fold inwards to take everything with me in a huge suitcase to
    Holland. I will build an installation out of it.
  2. Because it’s such a pity that these kids cannot see the final results in
    Rotterdam, we thought it is a good idea to do something special here as well with the thoughts and creations. Therefore we are starting a new ArteSwa project out of it (www.arteswa.com). On the I.B.B (www.institutobuenabista.com), we are developing an ‘ArteSwa- mobile/ vehicle’. We have bought an old car, that we’ll strip down till the frame body. Then from time to time we’ll furnish the whole outlook completely. The first setting will be done by the school kids of Fuik and our pupils of the I.B.B. This new ArteSwa vehicle must have a multi usable function. Being an eye catcher, a very recognizable ArteSwa piece, which can bring us very easily to different places for spontaneous interventions, site specific workshops, etc.
    Today, it was again fantastic to experience how motivated these kids are. Next week the mothers are invited to come to school and to do one’s bit!

‘le petit prince’ ArteSwa Fuik

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