januari 30, 2007


Today, I was working on several things. For instance preparing the coming of our first artists in residence at the I.B.B. next wednesday.  About that, later on more…..I want to write something regarding to some notes that I was writing for my lecture on my work at the Rietveld academy next week in

“You are now studying at the Rietveld and my question is if some of you are asking one selves once in a while: what do you expect of yourself and what do you expect to become after this safe context (like a school should be)….?! Uncritically following the system, belonging to a cowshed (gallery), seeking for contact with a ‘day-delusion’ scene, which is controlled largely by a bunch of drop outs. People who mostly wanted to be an artist themselves, but not in the possession of the guts, balls and talent. Now they have reached a different form of freedom and especially lots of power in making and breaking.I am not saying this to demoralize you or to put out your ambitions. On the contrary, it’s more like an attempt to ‘demystificate’ this art world full of ‘fried air’ and ‘being so special’. “Doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg” is an old fashioned(calvinistic) Dutch expression, that I’ll translate very clumsy in “Behave normal, because that is already unusual enough”! I would like to point out on your responsibility as an artist. Be real, don’t act  and don’t become “the flesh grown attitude” type of artist, but live, wonder, amaze, be critical and make things happen in a sincere way…….” 

Good lord, what a pathetic ass I am……

spectator and “Zapper” sculpture in the city of Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Spectator with “Zapper” sculpture, city of Vlissingen, The Netherlands


“Midliver”, pencil on paper, 2007

“Midliver”, pencil on paper, A4, 2007

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  1. Paris, le 19th of April 2008

    Dear M. Bade,

    I’m galerist in Paris, France and I know your work. I saw yours works at Brussels art Fair.

    I opened my gallery 3/4 years ago after having worked for Thaddeaus Ropac in Paris. I represent mid – carreer European artits ( the French panter Sylvie Fajfrowska , the German Paintyer Martin KASPER , etc…) and also confirmed artists from California and Canada. You could see more about the gallery on : http://www.mircher.com

    The gallery is located in Paris on the third district, the new Parisian street for contemporary art. We usually organize common opening.
    I also participate to the main art fairs in Europe and now in Asia ( Next Hong Kong / 14/18 May 2008)

    I would like to know if you could be interested to exhibit your works in Paris ? Please let me know soon if you could be interested to start a collaboration and if you agree we will find the best way for that.

    Best regards

    Eric Mircher

    Galerie Eric Mircher
    26 rue Saint Claude
    75003 Paris
    Tél + 33 1 48 87 02 13
    Mobile + 33 6 89 98 07 97

  2. What’s art ? What’s art for me ? And why do I make art ? Art is a way of living. It’s thinking it’s another language, it’s emotional, it’s intuitive It’s doing things nobody does. It does not give you money It’s meditation. It’s a way thinking and doing things. It’s just in the other direction anyone goes. It has sometimes no meaning, it’s dirty, there’s no begin, there’s no end. The moment you think you’ve got it and you make something astonishing, just that precoious moment can be your reward. It’s living in your own world, with your own rules. It’s strange, you’re most of the times an outcast. People look up and look down on you. Sometimes they see the freedom they wanted. Sometimes they see the nothingness, which can bring you all. You must be a weirdo to do and make art. Do people understand you ? Is that the point, or don’t you give a shit ? Sometimes it this, sometimes it’s the other way round. Do you want to be admired by beautiful women, and the right powerful people. Like curators, museum director, art collectors, or do you have your doubts because they are them, and you don’t wanna be be like them… But are they that different? Don’t the just have the good loooks, the power or the money you like to have ? The escape of the rush of everyday life. You are the stranger.Your sick. You’re not normal. Its not goning on vacation. It’s not satisfaction with the world. I’am rebel, i like to change all, but I’am tired of doing it. It’s getting loved by people you admire. It’s like making things happen, nobody ask for. Its being nothing or being all. It’s fighting against the art world, againts all bobo’s curators and gallerists. It’s walking with no legs. Because what you like to do, nobody will buy. Its the process of making, experimenting, making things or destroying them. Its’ like walking along on the road of blinded fools and knowing that you do the right thing. It’s appreciated and beloved by people you don’t know. It’s like walking to nowhere. It’s searching without answers It’s looking for new ways, it’s like walking around, again and again in your own shit. It’s becoming a slave of your own things. It’s making the most precious things with no money t all. It’s like you know you will go mad, if you go on like this. There’s no way out. Maybe it’s the only solution to become yourself. Because you will always meet yourself, your own thoughts. I;s like people don’t appreciate or see what you do, untill 50 years later, than they’ll see you as god. It’s like becoming and finding your own way of living. And there are so many obstacles and seductions on your way. It’s believing in yourself in a good way, or in bad way. One day you ‘ve got nothing, the other day you have everything. it’s being admired for things you made in the past and don’t stand for anymore. But is this a minifest. Ten I have to live by this rules. And I don’t like rules, i always like to change them. So I’am always curious, looking for inspiration, new ways, things or thoughts which reach my heart and have impact. Sometimes these are small things, sometimes it’s art, singing, nature, love, … But… is this so different than other people. Don’t they want the same ? It’s like doing your own thing. Knowing that you could not do something else, but are not satisfied with your expectations and your outcome. Because you maybe could do something else, like to life another life, if you could chose again. But you know, deep in your heart that you would still do the same. The green grass of the other neighbours is always greener.

    hat you are and you did not invent an made yourself being an artist. Or is artist the wrong word, can it be just another human being living his own live, like a mad dog biting his own tale.

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