februari 3, 2007

I.B.B. is a place with a distinctive character….. 

Harvey Davelaar, one of our pupils responded on this blog yesterday (see his reaction underneath my first contribution) and asked for some more I.B.B. atmosphere!! www.institutobuenabista.com

He is right and let’s show some pictures of these diligent young talents: 

First we see Luigino Brandao drawing on an assignment where we go to certain spots on the island, chosen by the students, with which they have a certain connection. This time we went to a church in the quarter ‘ Groot Kwartier’, chosen by Josette James. They got 10 minutes to draw, make notes, investigate (I say all the time, we go to the murder scene, use your eyes!) and then we go back to the institute to process these observations on a large scale and with their imagination. 



 Then we have two pictures of a new assignment in which we work together with the whole group. It’s an ArteSwa project (www.arteswa.com). We’ll preparing an ArteSwa vehicle which will be multifunctional. On the one hand it should be an ‘eye catcher’ for us, when we drive on the island to do workshops. On the other hand, we are able to go to the people, schools, site specific places, in stead of so often experienced difficulties with transporting groups to ‘our spot’. So, our pupils have to sketch a basis frame for this vehicle which should be possible to operate as a mobile ArteSwa location and change in it’s outlook from time(workshop) to time(workshop). The first outlook will be set with the theme ‘mother’/’mama’. About this project I wrote already a piece (Fuik-Villa Zebra). 




The ‘Mother’ subject, one can see already in the sketch and beautiful drawing of Harvey Davelaar. 


And after most of the courses we find time for relaxation. The backround is made by residents of the psychiatry clinic Capriles, which is the place where we have our beautiful temporary accommodation.

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