februari 20, 2007

I am back on the island, home. My experiences in the Netherlands were mainly positive: a lecture at the Rietveld academy, a meeting with the director of the Rietveld talking about collaborations with our institute here, Art Rotterdam where my Dutch gallery www.metis-nl.com  was presenting some drawings of me, talking with some representatives of funds which support us, an ArteSwa meeting with
Edwin Jacobs in the city of Tilburg where we will act this year, etc etc.

However the main goal was the installation of the works we had prepared in the ArteSwa workshop at the Kollegio Monseigneur Henriquez te Fuik  in the museum Villa Zebra (www.villazebra.nl). A very intense experience with very nice people. Under here a short pictural summary of the installation.

 confusion with a suitcase full of cardboard

A little confusion with the suitcase full of flat cardboard pieces from the kids of Fuik


“How is it to be your mother?”


Building and growing out of the suitcase……The mother as an tree, with big and many arms, the mother as a house, the base and captain of the Curacao family! Did you know that Curacao has a female president? It never happened in the Netherlands, so far…

villa-zebra-rotterdam-09.jpgvilla-zebra-rotterdam-11.jpg villa-zebra-rotterdam-02.jpgvilla-zebra-rotterdam-10.jpgvilla-zebra-rotterdam-05.jpg villa-zebra-rotterdam-04.jpgvilla-zebra-rotterdam-12.jpg villa-zebra-rotterdam-07.jpg

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