februari 1, 2007

Feel secure Feel secure, “voel je zeker”  in Dutch and in papiamentu (the creole language one speaks on Curaçao) “sinti bo sigur”! The slogan which an insurance company is using here on Curaçao. A feeling or state of mind that everybody can identificate with, that’s clear. However the meaning of ‘secure’ really is very relative of course. I have used their poster literal in a recent drawing. In  a situation at the barber where three man with ‘hair in the face’ are waiting for a nice treatment by a tattooed barber. Is he like most  male barbers gay? Well, the happy family ‘feel secure’ poster fills up the background and now I stop talking, because words endanger, as so often, this particular situation. So I let you guys look and discover, think, interpretate and feel secure or scroll down to another image.   feel secure


Here we have an old sculpture of mine: “Gullit”, 1994, clay, iron and birch tree, ca.120x40x110 cm. It has been shown in several places, like the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in ’94 and at the Venice Biennale 1995. Lots of youngsters don’t know Ruud Gullit as this famous dreadlock soccer player he was before in the early nineties (AC Milano). Actually more often when I show this picture I hear the name Edgar Davids dropping. And now I read that this soccer player Davids, who I always admired as ‘this technical pit bull’ on the pitch, is going to play again and finish his career at Ajax Amsterdam. That brings me to the third picture of today:
Ajax hooligans/ supporters are associated with and want to be called (super) Jews. I have worked on a sketch design for a sculpture in their stadium ‘Arena’ in Amsterdam (about that assignment later on more), and underneath we find a white Rasta Jewish hooligan drawing, which is called:

“West (bank) Coast”, 2004, charcoal on paper, 70×90 cm.