maart 2, 2007

Doing a ‘stage’ (a work placement practice) is hot on Curacao! Dozens of Dutch students pass this island every year. It even has become ‘big business’ (new colonialism?!). Renting apartments, cars, special bars and disco’s, etc. It is all pretty much isolated from local equivalents. Very, very commercial. Most of these youngsters are only here to have brainless fun, are very surprised when they realise everyone speaks Dutch overhere and ar not aware of the historical ‘strings attached’. Do they change their collective self-image after their stay? Underneath an ‘imagination’ of an innocent Dutch girl, ariving at her work placement practice at Campo Alegre ( This is a unique ‘Quantanamo Bay of Hookers’ on Curacao…   

Stage/work placement practice 2007 David Bade

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