april 26, 2007

Still busy busy…. That’s why I’ll add some cryptical images……


no title, 2006, pencil on paper, A4 (collection Jeroen groot Amsterdam)




april 21, 2007

Dear people, who are still very loyal in checking this weblog…..I want to apologize for not adding stuff to the site since so long. Too busy, trips abroad and so on and so on…..

Hereby some pictures of the crew of the IBB today and the official opening of the IBB in our fantastic renovated building……








april 1, 2007

The Instituto Buena Bista (www.institutobuenabista.com) has been opened officially last Friday the 23rd of March.

It was a big festivity with a lot of people and we are very proud to have reached this point and state of the art! Even Curacao politicians, among others the prime minister Emely the Jongh Elhage showed their faces. However, that’s more a matter of the coming elections and their campaigns, because so far we did not get any official, concrete support of the
Curacao government. Miss Leeflang, minister of education of the Dutch Antilles, has even said in a personal meeting in which we have explained what we are doing and asking for support, that she sees us as ‘occasional’ (temporary) and as ‘leisure activities, recreation’!!
It has been tuff weeks in which we moved the IBB from our starting point, the Klinika Caprilles to our fantastic building, ‘Kranchi Bieu/ Pachi de Sola’. These are the slang names for this historic, just restorated building which happened to be the former country’s register for birth, death and marriage. Everybody on
Curacao knows this place and it possesses a certain charisma.
Now we want to see some pictures, but the terrible thing happened last week. My bag with passports, telephone, passes and my camera was stolen. On the digital camera was a complete visual report of the moving, the installation of the opening exhibition, the first lessons in the new building and so on and so on……. It seems not a very good start, even when you know that there were already three attempts for burglary in our building. But that’s reality and we’ll cope with that. So, next time real pictures of all these activities, because I am getting them elsewhere……and please when you have pictures made yourself and you are willing to give them to the institute, please contact us. And when you think, hey this Bade-guy now will not have my phone number’s anymore, because of the lost of my mobile, please send me your data?!  For now, I am preparing a next trip to Europe. A lot of work we have to do for the IBB, meetings, future brainstorms, interviews, etc, etc. I am giving lectures and guest tutor-ships as well at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and a meeting at the HISK postgraduate school in Gent in



Just some time before our move to ‘Pachi de Sola’.