mei 6, 2007

My loyal patient readers, lazy web consumers of images, pirates of ideas and pictures, I honestly hope that everything is good in your hands and heads……..Here on the beautiful and especially rough

island of
Curacao, it is ok.I am busy with my partners in crime Nancy Hoffmann and
Tirzo Martha to let this freshly started IBB (Instituto Buena Bista,

Center for Contemporary Art) role and keep it on track. An adventure and an enormous job. However, a privilege as well to have the opportunity to work on a specific context for contemporary art in which we believe and what we stand for. In stead of being dependant of an already deeply based art world, like we know from the western mainstream scenery, we are creating this basis. Developing processes in the context of a society which had not a real history of contemporary arts with a certain level. That brings me to the actual danger that one can score with mediocrity (from which we see and have seen many examples here on the island) because one is not used to such things. That’s why we are very strict in inviting artists from abroad and how and when we expose them. Protecting quality and searching at the same time for new qualities.Last mentioned I’ll want to give an example of one of the pillars of the IBB, the educational program. In that particular domain (an orientation course of one year of a strictly selected group of young Curacao talents in visual arts) we have two talents ready to fly out for following studies at respectively the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam and ISA, Habana Art School in Cuba. Tomorrow my colleagues Nancy and Tirzo travel with pupil Kendrick Boelijn to
Cuba to meet the people of the school, show them his portfolio and to get to know the context in where Kendrick will continue his education. MJ Franko Zapata will come with me to the Rietveld to do the same over there. A big chance, a huge responsibility…….. 

Below some works of these young talents who stand for new far-reaching steps in their life’s.