Working, working, working…

september 25, 2007

The most recent sculpture I made was for the NOG Collection who presented their works in the exposition ‘Brieven uit Arcadia’ (transl: Letters from Arcadia, curated by Roel Arkesteijn) at the Centraal Museum Utrecht. I have been drawing and painting a lot lately and I was very happy to be working on a sculpture again. Personally I am very ‘kontentu’ with the result (as we say on Curacao). It is called: ‘The sculpture I still have to make…’. I think the different readymade elements will tell a lot about the suject. I will just leave you to watch it…

Het beeld dat ik nog moet maken

PS. I am back on Curacao now. The Instituto Buena Bista started again, this time with thirteen students! But this Friday I am doing a lecture in Liverpool for the people of the Liverpool Biennial about art in the Caribbean so I am facing a monstertrip! On Sunday I am back on the rock and will tell you more…

2 Responses to “Working, working, working…”

  1. balm Says:

    interesting work. what were your thoughts?

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