oktober 12, 2007

In the frame of the Biennial of Caribbean ArchitectureFCAA (www.6thfcaabiennial.com), which was held on Curacao this year, we as IBB (Instituto Buena Bista) has invited two architects in our residence: Max Zolkwer from Argentina and Sofia Saavedra Bruno from Boliva/Belgium were our guests for motre than two weeks. They are members of the archtectgroup Supersudaca (www.supersudaca.org) which do workshops and organise all kinds of civic architecturial interventions.

Max and Sophia did a great project with our kids. Their first weeks on the educational stage of IBB, they were confronted with two ‘supersudaca-motivated’ architects, who wanted to push our youngsters.Two weeks they were very intensively concerned with them, learning them to think about public and private space and after a designtraject in which they learn among others to work with maps, power-point, do presentations¬† they have produced their interventions in the citypart Otrobanda of Willemstad Curacao.

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