november 28, 2007


‘In Procession’, 2005, acrylic on canvas, 190×160 cm


Some results of the performance ‘Voor wat hoort wat’ on last thursday the 22th of November in Amsterdam on the occasion of ‘Energeia’. Later more pictures of the action itself during the evening with a lot of good willing people…….








Two pages from my sketchbook, which are thoughts referring a project in Amsterdam the upcoming week. On the square Mahler IV on the ‘zuid-as’ I shall do an action during the official opening of the project ‘Energeia’. A couple of big companies (ABN Amro, ING, Akzo, Fortis), which have their big  prestigious offices overthere have chosen sculptures out of their collections and these pieces are placed on pedestals on the square. The organisation asked me (on behalf of one of the partners SNS Reaal Fund, in which collection I am represented) to do a an ‘act’, a performance to give the ‘networking’ opening an extra touch. I will try not to entertain or to decorate this situation. However try to get the people involved in creating and processing this mobile pedestal/sculpture. I looked for collaboration with the catering because these situations are especially meant to network, eat and drink for free. That’s why I call the action “Voor wat, hoort wat”, which is a very Dutch expression and an attitude in life. It means something like for a gift, or an action, one should give something back. Not in particular the attitude of greatful hospitality! Or, like the sun rises for nothing, for free, but…… a piece of good old Dutch trade tradtion. So, the people must add their paper and plastic plates and cups on the pedestal….a literal moving recycling creative object.

to be continued….

november 5, 2007


For a few jobs back in Holland where the permanent airco is cooling me down and my desire to go back to ‘dushi Korsou’ is eating on me…..


sketchdesign sculpturegroup Bremen, Germany; 2005


no title; 2006; polyester; ca 100x100x280 cm; private collection Italy


“Gezelligheid kent geen tijd”; 2002; acrylic on paper; ca. 200×150 cm; collection NOG/SNS Reaal


no title; 1994; charcoal on paper; 300×200 cm; collection NOG,SNS Reaal