januari 10, 2008

Opening IBB:


Quently Barbera (1993) , pencil on paper, A4

Student of the IBB.

Instituto Buena Bista                  Curaçao Center for Contemporary Art PRESS RELEASE/INVITATION This Friday the 11thof January 2008 the Instituto Buena Bista will present a book of drawings called ‘Wormhole’ made by young creative talents from Curacao and selected by the Dutch artist Ronald Cornelissen. The works made by Ronald Cornelissen during his stay on Curacao will also be presented at our building Pachi de Sola in Scharloo. For this special occasion prime minister Mrs. Emily de Jongh Elhage has made some space in her busy calendar to collect this unique booklet: at 2.30 pm we will start the ceremony. We hope to meet you all there on this short notice! Support young talent: buy Wormhole(64 pages) for only Nafl. 15,- (people from the Netherlands: € 10,-) at IBB or by ordering via e-mail (info@institutobuenabista.com)Press information about the book and the exhibition will be available at request or Friday at the presentation
Contact info: Nancy Hoffmann 5400127 or nancy@insitutobuenabista.com

I would like refer to Ronald Cornelissen’s website, for the last 3 months our artist residence: www.ronaldcornelissen.com

At the same time a link to our new guest from Holland: www.maartjekorstanje.nl

Unfortunately or actually remarkable and admirable our guest from Santa Domingu, TONY CAPELLÁN has no personal website. However you can find him everywhere…..


During a presentation by the American artists: Devin Brainard and Sarah Lapinski


Luigino Brandao during the chrismaspresentation and performance……

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