Opening Exhibition ‘Jorge and Jimmy’…

maart 25, 2008

… at Metis NL Amsterdam this Saturday (22nd 2008). Just a few photo’s… 

 Tirzo and me with Comenencia and Norman Serphos at Metis NL

Tirzo and me talking to mr. Paul Comenencia, the Mandate Minister of the Dutch Antilles, who opened the exhibition for us. Together with his PR manager, Norman Serphos, we walked through the exhibition…

Ronald Cornelissen biedt Wormhole aan Paul Comenencia; gev. min.

Visual artist and ex-IBB resident on Curacao, Ronald Cornelissen, hands over the first official copy of Wormhole in the Netherlands to the Mandate Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, mr. Paul Comenencia at the Metis NL Galery in Amsterdam. (in the middle you see Rosanna Alberico from Metis NL)

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