Heavy shit…

september 25, 2008

‘Obstacles’, 2008, oil on canvas, 125x94cm

‘Praying’, 2008, oil on canvas, 125×94

‘Team Verité’, 2008, oil on canvas,125x94cm

These last three paintings have rather heavy titles and subjects. Well, I am in a heavy wheather situation, between hurricanes and no wind at the moment on my island and I feel desperately pretentious:-) So be it!


september 21, 2008

detail ‘Shithead’, clay and mixed media, 1995

I am doing some research in my files of the older works as a preparation for an upcoming new catalogue. That’s the reason why I’ll put once in a while some older pieces on this blog. It is useful to see the older stuff, I produced blody much! Some good, some shit…heads!

detail ‘shithead I’, wastebags and paint, 1996

‘Recycling of a shithead’, 1996, charcoal on paper, glue and wire, 50×60 cm

‘Drip System’

september 17, 2008

‘Drip System’, 2008, 30×45 cm, oilpastel on paper

no title, 2008, acrylic on paper, 70×100 cm

september 16, 2008

no title, 2008, oilpastel on paper, 45×30 cm

no title, 2008, oilpastel on paper, 30x45cm

“Bosje Populair”

september 1, 2008

As an assignment for a privatecolletor I have worked this summer (an I am still busy with it) on a big permanent sculpture. Outside in the forest and between some grazing lands I found my spot to start this project. In the middle of a sort of circle of seven poplar trees I started with a stealconstruction of a figure lifting two bathtubs. The bathtubs refer to an almost modern ‘archetype’ of a feeding-trough, which farmers use for their cattle and which I saw overthere in the field. Below some pictures of the process:

Today we start with a strong definitive coating. Later I’ll show more results.