januari 27, 2009


This picture I have received from the city of Vlissingen in the Netherlands which has a group of sculptures of me: ‘Badende Beelden’, 2005-06.

It turns out that in front of the installation, where Maria is incorperated in one of the sculptures called ‘Big Mama’, every now and then persons kneel down to pray and putting flowers as well. I am so happy with this specific way of appreciation of the work. Especially, because the whole process of placing these sculptures took a big effort from me and the people concerned with this commission. There had been quite a lot of (political) noise because of the installation.


‘Zapper’, 2005, polyester, ca.230x20x200 cm, Vlissingen


‘Flying Dutchman’, 2006, Vlissingen, polyester, ca.400x270x200 cm





‘Hals over Kop’, 2006, polyester, ca.500x200x180cm, Vlissingen

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