september 15, 2009

“Chairity I” is an autonomously piece, which I site specifically made in ‘White Box’ ( last week in New York. The show is called “Towing the Line”. The curators had gathered 8 olden chairs for me and I came with two folded canvasses in my suitcase from the island of Curacao, on which I was born and partly live and work during the year for IBB (

The chairs were constructed into a new, rather impractically form. However a new function appeared, because a new network/structure of ‘frames’ grew, on which I stretched the two canvasses. That particular process took place at random and precisely measured and splitted at the same time. Lines, colors, forms, 2&3 D formed a new rhythm. Referring to the content, something else as well developed:

One of the former fragments from the earlier paintings still got it’s clear appearance: an offering hand with a package of cigarettes and another hand with mobile phone on which display is readable…loud and clear…”nothing new under the sun”. It reminds me literally of this text message. Two other texts are visible “we undo each other, and if we don’t we miss something” and “I myself have gone missing as well”. Visible and readable, because we tend to read easier instead of looking carefully and therefore quiet dominant as well for the observer seeking for meaning.

The thin strings of canvas plaited in the back parts of two classical chairs seem to refer to Christian and Jewish symbols. Towing these Lines, deconstruct and rebuild the whole thing again. Lift up a leg and piss in corner, line out the territory, take a seat, a sit-down-action, not to mention the colorful Caribbean carnaval, recycling the community and my own works….Nothing new under the sun.

chairity I, 09, white box

chairity 4 detail

chairity 5

chairity 3


In Liverpool (UK) I prepared a whole structure/installation of chairs of such gathered and reconstructed chairs and white canvasses. In the upcoming days this bizarre constellation will float on the canal over there and will serve as workshop station: “Bade Chairity Boat” ( ’Urbanism ‘.


chairity 6

chairity 3

chairity 7


At your service!

One Response to “CHAIRITY”

  1. Rutger Says:

    Chairity in het Darwin jaar….

    “Our species has produced both a Napoleon and a Mother Theresa. But according to fundamentalist evolutionary theory, Mother Theresa should never have been born, because neiher charity nor a sense of good and evil would seem to have anything at all to do with the law of the jungle. So what is going on here? As David Papineau asked in his New York Times review of Matt Ridley’s book ‘The Origins of Virtue’, “If nice guys always finished last when our ancestors were scrabbling around for food on the African savannah, why does morality come so naturally to us now?”

    Uit: Martha Stout, ‘The sociopath next door: the ruthless vs the rest of us’, 2005

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