caribbean thoughts

december 28, 2009

Collecting and researching older works for the photographer, who is working in my studio for the upcoming catalogue…I found this drawing “Ocean of Mediocraty”, 1996…in which I already try to cope and struggle with my desire to go back to my island of birth! The drawing (ca. 200x150cm) is made in charcoal and painted clay with glue.

“Van Niemand voor Niemand”(met een divi divi boom en een lange bal in de diepte)                                                              “From nobody for nobody”(with a divi divi tree and a long ball/passing into the depth)

No title; 1994; charcoal on paper; 185x150cm

“pissed off bananatree”; 1996; charcoal on paper; 70x100cm

“Autonomous in your trousers”; 2007; acrylic and ink on paper; ca. 180x150cm

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