steady hand…

februari 26, 2011

‘Where the road ends, the fun begins’ (a spastic person in a pub is the only one who gets a steady hand by drinking)

2011, pencil on paper, 42x30cm

Afro Manga

februari 25, 2011

‘Afro Manga’, 2011, sketch for superhero, pencil on paper, A4

white barry

februari 23, 2011

‘White Barry’, 2011, pencil on paper, A4

‘Sviastoslav Richter’, 2011, pencil on paper, A4

detail painting in process: ‘Kooting’

freedom is slavery

februari 20, 2011

no title (sketch for painting with a flute); 2011; pencil on paper, 22x33cm

In process: ‘George Orwell, 2084’; 2011, oil on canvas, 220×195 cm

detail ‘George Orwell 2084’  in process




‘Sensitive strings’, 2011, pencil onn paper, 22x33cm

Buy the Way

februari 16, 2011

‘Buy the Way’, 2011, oil on canvas, 126x94cm

intense care

februari 14, 2011

‘intensive care’, 2011, oil on paper, 35×24 cm

no title, 2011, oil on paper, 35x24cm

no title, 2011, ink and pencil on paper, 35×24 cm


februari 13, 2011

‘Loosers’, 2011, oil and acrylic on paper, 38×25 cm


februari 12, 2011

‘Kooting’, 2011, pencil on paper, 33x24cm

Process of coating the sculpture/installation ‘Fix Ademvrij’  for square Hofstede Praktijkschool The Hague

‘Fix Ademvrij’ detail

‘Fix ademvrij’ detail


februari 10, 2011

‘Lichtvaardig’ (schets voor een slecht claire-obscur schilderij); 2011, pencil on paper, 36×22 cm

moral of the story

februari 2, 2011

‘Een jonge man is niets anders dan het voorstadium van een volgroeide vieze oude man/ A young man is nothing else like the pre-stage of a grown up dirty old man’, 2011, oil on canvas, 50×60 cm

‘Moral’, 2011, oil on canvas, 122×94 cm