‘Een-zaam’, 2011, pencil on paper, A4

‘Estafette’, 2011, pencil on paper, A4

Hang Out – Sit Down

maart 20, 2011

‘Hang out – Sit down’ sculpture for the schoolyard of Hofstede praktijkschool The Hague. In this pictures an impression of the state in the factory in which the definitive coating has been put on top of the original materials and forms. The result of this installation/sculpture is a conclusion of a three months long workshop including the pupils of the school and many other participants.


The piece has been made possible by financial support of the foundation Stroom The Hague, The Fonds BKVB and foundation DOEN and took place as part of my overview exhibition ‘Catch of the Day’ last year in GEM/GEMAK in The Hague.


maart 8, 2011

‘Afscheid’, 2011, acryl on canvas, 93×124 cm


Vergeet mij maar. Doe mij maar weg                                                                                                                                                                   uit uw herinnering.

Tot eens, bij toeval nog, gij leest:

‘in alle stilte plaatsgevonden’,

en schudt het hoofd, en gaat Uw weegs.  

Gerard Reve (1973)


maart 6, 2011

‘Emerging…’, 2011, acryl on canvas, 52x61cm

‘Manan always manana’, 2011, acryl on canvas, 52x61cm

Afro Manga Curacaon

maart 6, 2011

‘Afro Manga Curacaon’, acryl on canvas, 51x62cm


maart 2, 2011

‘Whiteberry’, 2011, oil on canvas, 52×83 cm