Green Room

september 19, 2011

‘Green Room’, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 90×124 cm

“uit slaap”

september 18, 2011

“Uit Slaap”, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 124x198cm


‘Sleepy’, 2011, pencil on paper, 13x21cm


“Sleepy I”, 2011, pencil on paper, 13x21cm


“Therapy”, 2011, pencil on paper, 13x21cm

…alle malen zal ik wenen.

september 15, 2011



Komt een duif van honderd pond

een olijfboom in zijn klauwen

bij mijn oren met zijn mond

vol van koren zoete vrouwen

vol van kirrende verhalen

hoe de oorlog is verdwenen

en herhaalt ze honderd malen:

alle malen zal ik wenen.


Leo Vroman.

friend or follower

september 11, 2011








all drawings pencil on paper, 26x15cm

‘Mariku’ (Homo)

september 7, 2011

‘Mariku’, 2011, acrylic on canvas; 160x67cm

“Nieuw Waldeck 2551 ZC”

september 6, 2011

Recycled Artwork  back into the district Waldeck 

On Thursday, August 25 Councillor Ingrid Engelshoven (Education) revealed in the schoolyard of the International School of The Hague a work of art. This artwork was created by girls from New Waldeck (Loosduienen), along with artist David Bade in an earlier workshop and working period last year. 

The sculpture has been made for the greater part by recycled materials. It is the result of an art project Loosduinen in collaboration with the Gemeentemuseum  The Hague. Before it’s unveiling last year, it was damaged by vandals. See this blog  May 2010. The “Artgirls of Loosduinen” from New Waldeck did not sit there and fought for the restoration of their artwork.

Together with the district Loosduinen and The International School of The Hague we found a new, safer place to  put it back. At the front of the International School in Kijkduin it stands safe and is still into contact with  many people and youth in particular every day.

The new title is: “Nieuw Waldeck 2551 ZC”, which refers to the zipcode of the citypart Niew Waldeck.

The ‘Artgirls from Loosduinen’  under the excellent guidance of Sabine Wenneker from the communitycenter ‘De Geest’ who worked with me were: Sharona van der Hoeven, Ichrak Chiban, Carmen Massa, Eugenie Bergen, Lientje Bergen, Birgül Dogan, Gülizar Dogan en Feriel Mastouri.

‘Fix Adem Vrij’ installed

september 4, 2011


Finally last week, the sculpture/installation ‘FIX ADEM VRIJ’ has been installed at the school squere of Hofstede Paraktijkschool in the city of The Hague, The Netherlands. After a long traject of workshops last year in GEMAK with students of the school and several other groups, individuals and participants, the works were composed and fixed in a  hufterproof coating and colour on the compound of this special school. In the documentary/portrait ‘Hollandse Meesters’ one could see some nice communication elements along the process of acceptation and understanding of this project. I would like to thank all the people which were involved in this inclusive project; Special thanks to the pupils and students of the Hofstede Praktijkschool and Stroom The Hague, Foundation Doen, Fonds 1848 and Fonds BKVB which made FIX ADEM VRIJ possible.