‘Fix Adem Vrij’ installed

september 4, 2011


Finally last week, the sculpture/installation ‘FIX ADEM VRIJ’ has been installed at the school squere of Hofstede Paraktijkschool in the city of The Hague, The Netherlands. After a long traject of workshops last year in GEMAK with students of the school and several other groups, individuals and participants, the works were composed and fixed in a  hufterproof coating and colour on the compound of this special school. In the documentary/portrait ‘Hollandse Meesters’ one could see some nice communication elements along the process of acceptation and understanding of this project. I would like to thank all the people which were involved in this inclusive project; Special thanks to the pupils and students of the Hofstede Praktijkschool and Stroom The Hague, Foundation Doen, Fonds 1848 and Fonds BKVB which made FIX ADEM VRIJ possible.



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