april 29, 2012


sketch during precess of sculpting collaboration Erik Habets and me for ‘Bio Free’, DSM, 2012


april 22, 2012

wood-burning drawing on naaidoos/sewing box; 2012

Haus der Emotionen

april 13, 2012

‘Haus der Emotionen’ (House of Emotions), 2009, oil on canvas, 222x124cm, private collection



calimero for sculpture

april 9, 2012

‘Son of Calimero’, 2011, acrylic and ink on paper, 70x100cm, private collection

one of the sopranos

april 9, 2012

‘one of the sopranos’, 2012, pencil on paper, A4

no title (pikkenschoenen), 2012, pencil and marker on paper, A4

no title (pikkenschoenen), 2012, pencil on paper, A4


Bio Free

april 6, 2012

‘Bio Free’, 2012, mixed media, collaboration with Erik Habets for DSM

pictures: Erik Habets, Maastricht 2012


april 6, 2012

detail cello-sculpture, 2012

‘whirlpool’, 2012, sketch A4, pencil on paper

no title (handjes samen), 2000, charcoal on paper, 150x120cm, private collection

‘Vota God…’, 2006, charcoal and acrylic on paper, 180x150cm