more calimero

mei 31, 2012


salt and peppa

mei 27, 2012

no title, 2012, pencil paper, A5


Do the right thing…

mei 23, 2012

‘Korsou Mutatis Mutandis’, 2012, acryl on canvas, 300x200cm


‘Take your pizza and get the fuck back to Africa’, 1996-2012, charcoal and acrylic on paper, 300x178cm


detail; Haile Selassi

‘Rumble in the jungle’, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 124x93cm

we’ve got it early

mei 15, 2012

‘Mitar mitar’, 2012, ink on paper, A4


‘we’ve got it early’, 2012, ink & acrylic on paper, A4


no title, 2012, ink on paper, A4


mei 15, 2012

‘Pirates’, 2009, oil on canvas, 124×96 cm, private collection

Brick by brick

mei 11, 2012

Brick by brick, 2012, ink on paper, A3

changing the sketches for more balance (sculpture Lowlands 2012)

Ins Blaue…

mei 8, 2012

another sketch for Lowlands-sculpture upcoming summer

‘Koninginnedag in Brugge’ (Queensday in Brugge); collaboration Kamagurka and David Bade in honor of his project ‘Kamarama’

left part ‘Koninginedag in Brussel’, 2012, oil pastel and oil paint on canvas; 250x125cm

Kamagurka and David Bade

right part