“Let the children come to me…”

mei 12, 2013





Title: “let the children come to me…”

… and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

 A text/story from the new testament of the Bible. A title that I find fit – ironic and serious at the same time – with KAAP’s approach. At my approach as well, where young people often participate. The army tent refers to defense purposes, at the origin of this place; the Fort Ruigenhoek, the ‘Waterliniewerken’. But also to the tents of Bedouins, biblical and Roman associations full of violence. In this beautiful nature of Ruigenhoek, between the geometrical monumental architecture of the bunkers this former US tent is placed. An idealized place where the main theme FEAR and her defensive effects and human (mental and physical) defenses are visualized by me and trainees from various art academies. A group of former pupils of IBB (instituto Buena Bista) of Curacao, which had their pre-academical training/education with me and colleague Tirzo Martha have given their efforts as well.

 The fear – one of the basic emotions of the human-, an engine for a lot of activity but also a brake for many to get to know himself and the other is put down by means of the imagination. The imagination of stories, talismans/women and amulets. By fright, heart palpitations, trembling, clammy hands, diarrhea, excessive urination, no overview, looking away, explain yourself powerless or extreme idealize, excessive drinking, smoking and talking. Sports, playing video games, arrogance, sarcasm, rationalize and jeer, trivialize … etc etc; all probate human means and responses to handle fear and live a preventive life.

The children from the primary schools who will visit the site, are instructed by me to think also about their fears and the tricks that they have to resolve or prevent them. They are invited to visualize them with paint on the canvas of the tent between and about the paintings that others have already been created.

 So will appear a very exciting ‘ joyful tent ‘ which drives out the fear and a ‘ Jesus figure ‘ fortune teller-sculpture that explains the happy message!

Kaap 2013

26 May – 14 July

Kaap is an exhibition of contemporary art consisting of new works made for the whole family. Curator is Dutch artist Frank Koolen.
The exhibition is open from 26 May till 14 July every Saturday and Sunday.



Strategic discussion



Attack Farid Guzman on David Bade



Quentley Barbara






‘Lasmeisje’ Pascale Pieksma



with a.o. Timothy Voges, Inge from Iceland and Gerben Boersma




Guzman with gloves







Remco Liqui Lung keeps the overview.

Harley Davelaar backs

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