Divided by following

mei 26, 2013



‘no title’, 1995-2013, charcoal, paint, conte, 150x185cm.

An older drawing on which I was apparently working on types on convenience how we humans are guided by codes and agreements. A hooligan throws a stone (in this case with whipped cream on it), associates itself with a ‘star of David’ because it ’s so hear and the audience of Ophra Winphrey responds crazy at the sign ‘get nuts’, because they are easy followers and do want to be part of a certain club as well. Nothing has changed in fact, only more stones, different weapons and attacks and we are still righteous followers of media, religion, economics, imaging and collective deals and indoctrination.

Fortunately offer all this space for me and need to respond with art.



no title (divided), 2013, conte crayon on paper, 65x50cm



no title, 2013, conte crayon and paint on paper, 65x50cm



testing divided




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