some summer activities

september 3, 2013



A ‘life time’ performance/workshop that SCHUNCK Heerlen bought from me and in which I’ll draw/paint portraits of the citizens of Heerlen. Not by old-school observation only, but by means of more personal contact, conversations. This first time the temporarily studio was in a former shop in one of the main shopping streets in Heerlen. Anyone could walk in. Next time (probably springtime 2014) we’ll choose a certain group, target…. A process has started to build on an ‘visual-DNA-archive’ of Heerlen. Contact is important, the people get part of the process of making, see the difficulties and the beauty, got more aware….



This installation and some of the results will be exhibited in an up-coming groupshow ‘Kaleidoscoop’ in the city of Schiedam in ‘de Korenbeurs’, which opens the 14th of september









His position when he plays a computer game





My most loyal viewer, waiting for his portrait.

‘David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel’ (David bade draws Heerlen under the table) .

achterkant grab



IMG_0439 IMG_0434 IMG_0421

In one of the depots of SMAK, I saw back older works of mine of their collection(from the mid-nineties).

Next year june, a soloshow of my older and new works will be in the SMAK, Gent Belgium. We are planning and preparing a 3-week summer school ‘IBB-Style’ in the center of Gent at the same time.








‘Ins Blaue’ again on the pop festival ‘Lowlands’ last August. Now again back to the quiet sculpture garden of the castle Nijenhuis in Heino, where it has it’s permanent position in the collection of Museum Fundatie.

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