At 32EAST Kampal Uganda

september 18, 2013

‘Pupu’, 1997, mixed media, collection Municipal Museum/Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The netherlands

Throughout September, 2013, 32° East are proud to host acclaimed Dutch / Caribbean artist, David Bade.

David is a multi media artist whose subject matter dynamically and playfully addresses politics and social realities.

He is also co-founder and co-director of Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) a unique pre art school for teenagers in Curacao and artist in residency platform

Throughout the month, David will be leading artist talks, meeting with the Ugandan art scene and developing his own work. He is also embarking on a special artistic dialogue with KLA ART 012 artist, Xenson who won the 32° East Residency award last year. — in Kampala, Uganda.

My actions so far are likewise interventions in certain areas, neighborhoods of Kampala. Like an old-school impressionist, I am sitting down and concentrate on a specific part, a person, or just something very ordinary. People gather around me, give comments, discuss my skills, can do better, or keep people out of my sight…. Colleague Xenson of kampala starts to rap in a critical, funny free style and the audience/ the people join, respond and a great atmosphere of interaction is the reality. Even people get so enthusiastic that they want to draw themselves as well. We did it so far in the area of carpenters, the mechanics and the psychiatry. Underneath a nature trip on the Lake Victoria, where we collaborated on two drawings. Alex and Eric are filming the sessions and the next week we’ll sit together to edit and animate the whole thing into a video. Playing with the old school…’David Klee and primitive Xenson Picasso’ on the road ‘Bade Boda’ (Boda Boda’s are the taxi motor bikes all over the place here) on a Mission for Imagination!

Educational aspects, preaching and mediation of a rather new art belong to the goals and content. However with a glanse of humor and irony towards the missionary history of the missionary, the actual vague situations of help, third world and the so called non profit organizations and non tax paying NGO’s


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