Havana Biennial

juni 5, 2015

Too long time not written or shown stuff on my blog. Too busy, easy peasy with face book, the IBB, traveling….and big show and project at the 12th Bienal Habana, together with my colleague friend brother, co founder IBB, Tirzo Martha. Our installation of three up pimped fruit and vegetable carts (carefully come to bloom entrepreneurship on the streets of Habana) is called ‘Habana all-in’. The collaboration with the owners, their families and neighbors and the direct contact/interaction on the streets while producing these functional art-pieces was great experience.

allejandro3 boeddah in cuba el  animal1 el animal production junior el animal3 el animal4 el animal5 el animal6 holy T shoe maker tirzo carretilla tirzo carretillo zelfportret op straat

A film report is in the make and later on we will present this film and do lectures on Curacao

One Response to “Havana Biennial”

  1. David ik geniet van je werk vooral van je “karretjes” FIJN!

    gelukkig een gelijkgestemde collega

    Irene Beuker Orloff

    mobiel atelier in Amsterdam sinds 2000 KUNSTINBLIK

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