Embajada de los Países Bajos en Argentina

november 8, 2015


During my 4 week stay in Buenos Aires in October 2015, invited for a residency by URRA –    (later I’ll show some results) I had a beautiful chance tot fulfill a spontaneous commission at the Dutsch embassy; a mural inside their building

My experiences of walking, observing, communicating, living in this enormous city came back in the images I painted on these walls.

IMG_20151029_122225IMG_0703stairways reaching by broom and painting a nice hammock



With the embassy staff and ambassador de la BeijIMG_0691

IMG_0705IMG_0709 IMG_0692 IMG_0697IMG_0710  IMG_0817 IMG_0820 IMG_0823

Sketches on the Studio Job table and grey interior

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