november 22, 2008


no title, 2008, oil on canvas, 125x95cm


‘Exploration’, 2008, oil on canvas, 125×210 cm

Annother kind of interior of a church (see ‘Drive True’) and it is imaginable that I’ll make a third one (like for exemple with the believe of sports). A triptych. We’ll see. I gave my best on the KFC -window!

First annother picture of one of the latest paintings, which actually all are in preparation for a solo show I’ll have in Paris the 10 th. of January with the Gallery Eric Mircher WWW.MIRCHER.COM. I showed the next work before, but in a rather bad picture and now I got the title: it is ‘Master’. There is not a real structure in giving a title with me. Sonetimes I start with a word, an expression, a phenomenon. However it happens as well that a title is not necessary,  not available or even disturbing in a bad way!


‘Master’, 2008