oktober 31, 2011


‘Simson, 7 verse soepele pezen'(‘Simson, 7 fresh elastic tendons’) 2011, ink on paper, A4


‘Peacekeeper’, 2011, ink on paper, A4


‘no title’, 2011, ink on paper, A4


‘Not circumcised’, 2011, ink on paper, A4


oktober 29, 2011

‘Angel’, 2011, pencil on paper, A4

‘Praying’, 2011, pencil on paper, A4


oktober 26, 2011

‘Wannabe follower or friend’, 2011, acryl on canvas, 295x198cm



‘Wannabe On’, 2010, oil on canvas, 260x190cm, collection Museum Jan Cunen, Oss


Compilation 3 paintings straight from Curacao on the role waiting to be framed, 2011

geometric unfinished

oktober 2, 2011

‘Geometric Unfinished’, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 125x115cm


Two weeks ago, Scuplture International Rotterdam had their 50-year celebration. Designer Pieter Vos, with studio 75B responsable for the floordesign of my sculpture ‘Anita’ (2001) and the whole skatepark behind, gave a great performance of cleaning and preaching! Anita and me are very greatful!