airborn drawings

oktober 6, 2009

man en vrouw 001

getting 001

kick 'm out 001

airborn 001

crocodile 1

crocodile 2

“Bade Chairity Boat”

oktober 5, 2009


Last month in Liverpool, the project ‘Urbanism’ on the canal my “Bade Chairity Boat” (  A sculpture, installation, a boat and workshopstation on the water during this festival. The parts have been transported already with a Dutch flower companyto my studio in Holland. For my big overview next year in The Hague ( ( I do want to continue on this piece/environment.

186   191


Mark Spencer, participant, in full action.




Many thanks to ‘Liverpool Biennial’, the inhabitants of Bootle and Seaforth, all participants and special thanks for the great help by Ches, Andy Foulds (captain Beard), Sam Savage, John Furlong (who painted the big sail) and Dave Webster