walter hekster

‘Walter Hekster'(1937-2012+); a portrait of this musician, composer and art collector.


walter hekster1


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Divided by following

mei 26, 2013



‘no title’, 1995-2013, charcoal, paint, conte, 150x185cm.

An older drawing on which I was apparently working on types on convenience how we humans are guided by codes and agreements. A hooligan throws a stone (in this case with whipped cream on it), associates itself with a ‘star of David’ because it ’s so hear and the audience of Ophra Winphrey responds crazy at the sign ‘get nuts’, because they are easy followers and do want to be part of a certain club as well. Nothing has changed in fact, only more stones, different weapons and attacks and we are still righteous followers of media, religion, economics, imaging and collective deals and indoctrination.

Fortunately offer all this space for me and need to respond with art.



no title (divided), 2013, conte crayon on paper, 65x50cm



no title, 2013, conte crayon and paint on paper, 65x50cm



testing divided





mei 15, 2013


‘Burgerqueen’; 2013, collection Meijer Bergmans

Now on the crossing Beethovenstraat-Apollolaan Amsterdam; ArtZuid International Sculpture Route; 22/5 – 22/9 2013

Curator Professor Henk van Os is proud to present 60 sculptures from 45 artists from 25 countries:

Marte Röling, Kofi Sertordji, Carl André, Peter Buggenhout, Joep van Lieshout, David Bade, Kader Attia, Eduardo Chillida, Markus Lüpertz, Tony Cragg, El Anatsui, Jonathan Meese, Kenichi Ogawa, Erwin Wurm, Eugène Dodeigne, Folkert de Jong, Marino Marini, Romuald Hazoumè, Auguste Rodin, John Bock, Sokari Douglas Camp, Michael Craig Martin, A.R. Penck, Marc Bijl, Ousmane Sow, Mickael Bethe Selassie, Michel Francois, Leo de Vries, Jems Koko Bi, Roman Signer, Shi Jinsong, Ai Weiwei, John Chamberlain, Frank Stella, Jehoshua Rozenman, Tom Sachs, Atta Kwami, Laura Ford, Martin Pfeifle, Wilhelm Mundt, Ernesto Neto, Paul Segers, Mario Merz, Richard Long, Martin Walde, Dinh Q. Lê, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Abdoulaye Konaté, Koen Vanmechelen, Gerhard Lentink, Cristobal Gabarron, Carel Kneulman.













Title: “let the children come to me…”

… and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

 A text/story from the new testament of the Bible. A title that I find fit – ironic and serious at the same time – with KAAP’s approach. At my approach as well, where young people often participate. The army tent refers to defense purposes, at the origin of this place; the Fort Ruigenhoek, the ‘Waterliniewerken’. But also to the tents of Bedouins, biblical and Roman associations full of violence. In this beautiful nature of Ruigenhoek, between the geometrical monumental architecture of the bunkers this former US tent is placed. An idealized place where the main theme FEAR and her defensive effects and human (mental and physical) defenses are visualized by me and trainees from various art academies. A group of former pupils of IBB (instituto Buena Bista) of Curacao, which had their pre-academical training/education with me and colleague Tirzo Martha have given their efforts as well.

 The fear – one of the basic emotions of the human-, an engine for a lot of activity but also a brake for many to get to know himself and the other is put down by means of the imagination. The imagination of stories, talismans/women and amulets. By fright, heart palpitations, trembling, clammy hands, diarrhea, excessive urination, no overview, looking away, explain yourself powerless or extreme idealize, excessive drinking, smoking and talking. Sports, playing video games, arrogance, sarcasm, rationalize and jeer, trivialize … etc etc; all probate human means and responses to handle fear and live a preventive life.

The children from the primary schools who will visit the site, are instructed by me to think also about their fears and the tricks that they have to resolve or prevent them. They are invited to visualize them with paint on the canvas of the tent between and about the paintings that others have already been created.

 So will appear a very exciting ‘ joyful tent ‘ which drives out the fear and a ‘ Jesus figure ‘ fortune teller-sculpture that explains the happy message!

Kaap 2013

26 May – 14 July

Kaap is an exhibition of contemporary art consisting of new works made for the whole family. Curator is Dutch artist Frank Koolen.
The exhibition is open from 26 May till 14 July every Saturday and Sunday.



Strategic discussion



Attack Farid Guzman on David Bade



Quentley Barbara






‘Lasmeisje’ Pascale Pieksma



with a.o. Timothy Voges, Inge from Iceland and Gerben Boersma




Guzman with gloves







Remco Liqui Lung keeps the overview.

Harley Davelaar backs


mei 9, 2013




The third edition of the international sculpture route in Amsterdam, ARTZUID 2013, will last four months: from 22 May to 22 September 2013. Top quality sculptures from around the world will be set up on Berlage’s avenues and the Zuidas. My piece ‘Burgerqueen’ (pole dancer) will be placed upcoming monday at Beethovenstraat-apollolaan Amsterdam

tent kaap

Kaap is an exhibition of contemporary art consisting of new works made for the whole family. The next edition of Kaap is from 26 May till 14 July 2013.

Artworks by artists from all over the world
The artistic management of this year’s Kaap is the work of Frank Koolen, artist and creator. He invites artists to take part. Each of them make a new work specially for Kaap. During the exhibition, each work will have an attendant guide to answer any questions about it. The idea of Kaap is that artists can find inspiration in the challenge of making work for children and in bringing out the essence of their art with absolute clarity. The work made for Kaap typically invites its public not just to look but also to take part.

The fort location
Kaap is pure adventure, a trip of discovery through the bunkers and the greenery of Fort Ruigenhoek. The historic fort, which forms part of the 17th century New Dutch Waterline, lies on an island surrounded by open countryside. The bunkers and other buildings lie half-buried in grass, shrubs and trees.

Stichting Storm
Kaap is an initiative of Stichting Storm. This foundation works closely with artists and theatre makers on projects aimed at a youthful audience. Among other things Storm organizes the Tweetakt theatre festival in Utrecht.


tent1 kaap



Starting a new installation



Geachte heer, mevrouw,

Hierbij nodigen we u (en uw kinderen) van harte uit voor de opening van Kaap op zondag 26 mei om 15.00 uur op Fort Ruigenhoek in Groenekan (vlakbij Utrecht). Na een toelichting op de tentoonstelling van curator Frank Koolen zal de 8e editie van Kaap officieel geopend worden.

Vijf kunstenaars en een kunstenaarsduo, David Bade, Melanie Bonajo, Paul Segers, Jonas Wijtenburg, Saskia Janssen & Maria Pask en Kaleb de Groot, maken speciaal voor kinderen op het buitenterrein van het fort architectonische werken die geïnspireerd zijn op het kunstproject New Babylon van de Cobra-kunstenaar Constant Nieuwenhuys.

Dit jaar is aan de kunstenaars een specifieke vraag voorgelegd, namelijk; maak een werk op een speciale plek op het buitenterrein van Fort Ruigenhoek dat gedeeltelijk een zelfstandig werk is en tegelijkertijd kan worden gezien als een ideale woon- en/of werkplek.

Door het robuuste en omvangrijke karakter van de werken wordt het fort letterlijk ingenomen. De kunstenaars zullen ook als de tentoonstelling geopend is nog verder bouwen aan de werken. Kaap wordt een levendige, speelse en dynamische plek vol survival-workshops, gezamenlijke bouwactiviteiten, vreemde verhalen en vooral eigen ontdekkingen. Het historische Fort Ruigenhoek maakt deel uit van de Hollandse Waterlinie en is door de militaire architectuur en prachtige natuur een uitdagende, niet alledaagse en spannende locatie. Het is al een belevenis om alleen al in en over het fortcomplex te dwalen.

Kaap is van 26 mei t/m 14 juli elke zaterdag en zondag van 11.00-18.00 uur open voor publiek. Kijk voor meer informatie en een routebeschrijving op




For ArtZuid sculpture manifestation (opening 22nd of May/ and as a private commission I am preparing a new sculpture on an street lantern (‘Burger Queen’ Pole dancer) of 12 meters high.