Together no Free

juni 24, 2012

‘Together no Free’, 2012, plaster, iron, diverse materials, ca. 188x120x135cm

More images from the presentation Erik Habets and David Bade at DSM Sittard, satellite-presentation of Manifesta 2012


‘Bio Free’, 2012, plaster and diverse materials,

Collaboration with Erik Habets.

paintings: ‘White Barry’ and ‘Amazone’ / Sculture: no title, 2012 and green sculpture on the right by Erik Habets

‘Take me to your leader’ 2012, Erik Habets 2012 and

painting ‘Angel’, David Bade, 2012


Two older parts of former installations found their way in ‘final conclusion’ at DSM Sittard; a show in the entrance of the office building in collaboration with mr. Erik Habets:

‘Rastacat’, 2012, mixed media, ca.320x300x65cm

Till now ‘no title’. The older painting goes along the assemblage sculpture elements which form an new installation with many story-lines and levels to entrance (and leave) the work.

Later-on more proper pictures of this ‘Bio-Free’ show with Erik Habets at DSM Sittard which happens to be a satteliteshow for Manifesta 2012


Landscape Open-gesteld

juni 13, 2012

‘Landscape Open-gesteld’, 2012, acrylic on paper, 40x60cm

‘Lekker tekeningetje’. 2012, acrylic on paper, 23x30cm

‘Meerkoet Arie’, 2012, acrylic on paper, 23x30cm