oktober 12, 2007


Honoré d’O (Belgium); detail of his installation “Het Schoonste Curacao moet nog komen”, 2007. He did this installation during his residence on the IBB and I would like to give it as an exemple of beauty, and as the most creative architectural modell for a theatre on Curacao!!

Because of the www.6thfcaabiennial.com on Curacao, we as IBB organised a workshop for the Caribbean architects. Me, Sofia Zaveedra Bruno, together with architect and our chairman of the IBB board, Carel Weeber were leading this workshop. The topic was to build/design a new theatre for Curacao. There are a lot of discussions about it on the island, especially about the place. We wanted to have fresh and neutral opinions of our guests about two places/options which are not on the specific list of locations which one discusses on Curacao. They had not much time, because in a ‘pressure-cooker-precess’ of ca. 3 hours they had to produce sketches, ideas and a modell. Furthermore, they had tot work in small groups and continue eachothers ideas………

In the evening they were asked to explain their ideas to their collegues during the lectures.




Chairman mr. Carlos Weeber and mrs. Gerda Gehlen from Monumentenfonds during the workshop on IBB.


oktober 12, 2007


Max Zolkwer (Arg) and Sofia Zaveedra Bruno (Bolivia/Belgium)during their presentation of the workshop with the students of IBB.


IBB students Cleo den Brabander, Naomi Meijer and Harvey Davelaar.


Quentley Barbara and Kelvin Reigina during their presentation.

oktober 12, 2007

In the frame of the Biennial of Caribbean ArchitectureFCAA (www.6thfcaabiennial.com), which was held on Curacao this year, we as IBB (Instituto Buena Bista) has invited two architects in our residence: Max Zolkwer from Argentina and Sofia Saavedra Bruno from Boliva/Belgium were our guests for motre than two weeks. They are members of the archtectgroup Supersudaca (www.supersudaca.org) which do workshops and organise all kinds of civic architecturial interventions.

Max and Sophia did a great project with our kids. Their first weeks on the educational stage of IBB, they were confronted with two ‘supersudaca-motivated’ architects, who wanted to push our youngsters.Two weeks they were very intensively concerned with them, learning them to think about public and private space and after a designtraject in which they learn among others to work with maps, power-point, do presentations  they have produced their interventions in the citypart Otrobanda of Willemstad Curacao.

oktober 11, 2007


oktober 11, 2007


oktober 11, 2007


Teaching, working with the new kids on the IBB. Very basic looking, watching, observing, charcoal…….Heads, faces…….

oktober 11, 2007


oktober 11, 2007


oktober 8, 2007

detail of wall painting I recently did with patients of the psychiatry hospital Capriles and the secondary school Peter Stuyvesant on Curacao.


oktober 8, 2007

We have started the courses on the IBB again. Already we had two artists/architects in residence, on which I’ll tell lateron more. For now just images of heads, faces, which always will be the base of…..